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MixPourSip is for people who like classic cocktail culture and all its trappings.  It is for people who believe in looking their best on their way out the door for a night on the town.  It is for men who want to favor a lady with a sophisticated cocktail and not something that treats her like just another girl.  It is for women who like smoky bourbon served neat while enjoying the timeless quality and slowness of a good cigar.  It is for everyone who thinks a leather or engraved metal flask is standard travel gear regardless of the destination.  It is for anyone who respects a bartenders time and effort by always being ready to order clearly and succinctly while always tipping generously.

Ours is a culture of conviviality, one that exists when friends get together at home or at a bar, listen to some great music, sharing common histories or making a new acquaintances and all while enjoying the creative and spirit lifting efforts of a bartender who cares.  We also exist for the enlightened imbiber, those who respect alcohol by always having designated drivers or cash for a cab, as well as those who always act with respect for the individual, acting always as a true lady or gentleman.

Beginning with a keen eye toward the past master bartenders and the classic cocktail recipes they created, MixPourSip.com endeavors to highlight, update and define cocktail culture as it evolves in the early 21st century.  We offer cocktail recipes both old and new along with tasting notes for gin, vodka, tequila, rum, scotch, Irish whiskey, bourbon, rye whiskey and other individual spirits.  Readers of MixPourSip.com are participants who are encouraged to share as well with recipes and tasting notes of their own.

Not limited to just being another cocktail recipe site, MixPourSip.com will share a glimpse into your local bartenders.   MixPourSip.com will profile superior mixologists from around the world, where they work, their signature cocktails, what they love and hate about their patrons, what they have learned in a life behind the bar.  Again, MixPourSip.com members are encouraged to profile their local bartenders as well and to send those profiles to us for possible inclusion.  We will also highlight cocktail menus of bars from around the world in an effort to share the hard work and creativity found behind the rail.

In a nod toward complete disclosure, we frequently receive samples of spirits, mixers, books, bar equipment and the like for review.  While certainly not all products have been paid for by third parties, readers of Mixpoursip.com should assume that anything mentioned has been given to us.  That said,  we don’t love everything we sample.  At the moment, we are only publishing reviews of items we truly like.  That stance may change in the very near months.

In the end, MixPourSip.com exists to bring together the knowledge, experience and enthusiasm of those living the cocktail culture for the benefit of all.  Thank you for visiting, pull up a stool, be sure to share, and enjoy.  Cheers!

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